My philosophy:


For me, production is less about being musical background, but more about the precise musical interpretation and accentuation of the individual sections of your choreography. This is rarely achieved using "canned" music. This is why the freestyle dressage music I produce is usually new! Each bar is tailored to the movements of your horse. It is important that you (and your horse) like the music; experience has shown that if you feel good, this will have a positive effect on your performance! Furthermore, the "overall package" has to be right. The music has to complement the horse and rider and bring even more finesse to the overall impression!


The music has to be arranged so that you know with your eyes closed, just listening to the music, which section is being ridden. Only then will the music be the right fit and excite both judges and crowd.


Musically, anything is possible -  from pop to rock to classical music, or even pop music classically arranged! You can listen to many of my compositions for all genres under the menu item "Samples".

About the process:


After you have contacted me, we will discuss your musical wishes and preferences. I would of course be happy to give you any advice you need, after I have got to know you and your horse – either by video or in person.


To produce the musical work, I need a good training video of your choreography, which will then be set to music -  exactly the same process as when producing film soundtracks. The video is crucial for me as it fixes the choreography and in particular the tempi, so the routine as shown in the video is binding. You can send it to me via the internet, e.g. via, your Dropbox or via WhatsApp. After the music has been produced, you will be sent a password-protected link to the video set to music (Vimeo), so that you can check how well the music fits. If you like it, you will be sent 2 audio CDs and a USB stick, which will of course be included in the price!